Precious Furs Mobile Pet Spa.
I will put my artistic talent to work & help your pet achieve a style that is uniquely becoming to their personality and your lifestyle. We currently offer service to dogs weighing less than 25lbs.

Please note that after the first appointment, it is not necessary to be present as long as you can provide access to your pet via garage code or other means.  Please inquire for more details regarding the "Latch Key Pet  Program".


Clients are set up on maintenance schedules varying from 1 week up to 8 weeks apart, in order to keep pets looking and feeling their best.  Coated breeds that are groomed at intervals beyond 8 weeks may be subject to a "seasonal" grooming fee at the discretion of the groomer.


     Precious Furs Mobile Pet Spa will not offer spa services to aggressive or severely matted pets, or pets weighing over 25lbs. In the event it is determined that your pet's temperament, size or coat condition has been misrepresented in any way or said pet is not able to be handled safely, I reserve the right to refuse service. A trip fee of $50.00 may be assessed. 
Click here for information regarding matted pets.  
 Click here for information on grooming for puppies


  The normal service areas fall within the following borders:  
Northern border is 10 Mile Road
Southern border is Joy Road
Eastern border is Newburgh/Halsted Road
Western border is Ridge Road. 


 All grooming appointments are routed on a pre-scheduled basis, by areas serviced.  
 An estimated arrival time is given, allowing for delays caused by traffic/construction , adverse weather, mechanical failures or time over-runs on appointments prior to yours.  

I respect that your time is valuable and ask the same in return. 
 If an appointment is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, a $50 late cancellation fee will be assessed. 
If I arrive at a confirmed appointment nobody is available or other arrangements have not be made to provide access to scheduled pets, the full service fee will be assessed.

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