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Winter Paw-pad Care

by Nicole Ortiz- Rich on 01/01/12

As the snow & ice approaches, pet parents should be aware of how the ice/snow melting products affect our furry friends.  Please be sure to use pet-friendly, non-toxic products! There are plenty of brands available at home improvement stores, drug stores and groceries.

Make every effort to avoid walking where rock salt and chemical de-icers have been used. If your dog does walk across this material, make sure to wash his/her paws afterward. Not only will the chemicals irritate open sores or cracks in the pads, it is toxic if ingested–-and we all know that dogs will lick their feet. If you are unable to find pet-friendly snow/ice melting products, try using a bag of play sand or cat litter for the driveway.

It also is important for paws is to be kept well-trimmed. Hair between the pads collects burrs, mud, and small rocks in summer. In winter, the hair accumulates ice and snow. Imagine walking with icicles stuck to your bare feet! It is relatively easy to keep your pet happy & comfortable during the winter months, all it takes is a little attention to detail!

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